On Monday 29th April CIMAC UK NMA organised a visit for its members to Seatruck Ferries in Liverpool. Seatruck Ferries operate a number of ferries from the Liverpool and Heysham to Dublin and Warren Point in Ireland. Seatruck are not a passenger ferry, their business is moving truck trailers from the between the UK and Ireland. These ferries have daily sailings and tend to be stood down over weekends as cargo is generally not available for shipping over weekends. Occasionally these vessels may be chartered for other work over weekends.

15 members of CIMAC UK NMA arrived around 10.30am and changed into the appropriate PPE. The group split into two and started the visit to both the Seatruck Pace and Seatruck Power vessels. Both groups were given an overview of the ship and started the tour on the vehicle deck before heading to the engine control rooms. The fleet manager and super intendants for these vessels gave overviews of the control rooms before taking the groups in the engine rooms.

The Seatruck Pace vessel is powered by two Wärtsilä 4T engines while the Seatruck Power vessel is powered by two 4T MAN engines. Both groups got to visit both ships to get an appreciation of the two different designs and engine types and the systems utilised onboard for fuel and oil supply while also looking at ballast water systems.

The groups were also able to visit the bridge and get a birds-eye view from the captain’s viewpoint. One group were also able to speak with the captain of the Seatruck Power vessel who gave insights of his role and how the ship works.
Following the visit, the group met for lunch where they were able to talk to other members and feedback on what they enjoyed about the visit. CIMAC UK NMA Committee would like to thank all the members who attended the visit and also extend our gratitude to Seatruck for welcoming us to the docks and onboard their vessels.

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