A letter from the UK chairman (13/07/2020)

Dear Member,

I trust this letter finds you well and coping under the circumstances we find ourselves. As we start to come out of lockdown and ease restrictions, we face the possibility of returning to work fully instead of working from home. For some this will be welcome, for others it will be filled with trepidation and yet for a good number of us it will mean business as usual. However the return to work happens for you, I hope you find it results in a good remainder of the year. One way or another this has been a stressful year for all of us so I also hope that you find time to rest and recuperate between now and year end.

With regards to the UK National Member Association of CIMAC, the committee has been working during the year via MS Teams to maintain any momentum we can during the lockdown. Obviously certain events, visits and meetings are unlikely to happen in the short term and as a result are on hold. At our most recent meeting in June we discussed what we might be able to do for the remainder of 2020 given the high level of uncertainty. We are planning the following for the remainder of this year and will discuss further at our next committee meeting in August.

1) UK NMA webinar (content and date to be agreed – likely to be September).

2) AGM and Members day – we had a venue agreed for late November. This needs to be confirmed under the circumstances otherwise we may well try for a virtual AGM based on the feedback of the webinar.

As always, the committee would welcome any feedback by reply to this letter. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer and be safe.


James Dodd (Chairman)