CIMAC is a worldwide non-profit association consisting of National Member Associations, National Member Groups and Corporate Members in 26 countries in America, Asia and Europe. It brings together manufacturers of diesel and gas engines and gas turbines, users such as shipowners, utilities and rail operators and also suppliers, oil companies, classification societies and scientists.

United Kingdom

The UK National Members Association has been very active since the early 2000s. The group already has 30 members; a number expected to grow rapidly over the coming years. All of our members have a wealth of technical and commercial experience. We equally welcome private and corporate members with an interest in the construction and maintenance of large combustion engines.

Working groups

Our members regularly raise issues which affect us all but with which no individual company can make progress because of lack of information or influence. We then arrange for international specialists amongst our members to form a Working Group to resolve these issues. They then produce a united CIMAC recommendation or a CIMAC position paper speaking for our industry as a whole.